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Why Cashway

We are the first remittance company in Nepal providing the Real Time Account Credit service. We understand your need to send money. So we provide you world class services to complete all your Forex needs. 

Transfer money internationally and experience services free from all kinds of hassles only with Cashway Money Transfer. we ensure your Forex transaction reaches its destination Quick, Safe and Secure.


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What we do

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domestic transfer

Our online domestic money transfer service allows customers to send as well as receive money within Nepal.

real time account credit

37 Nepalese Banks/Development Banks/Finance Companies are confirmed to be 24X7 instant credit to bank account in a minute or less.

value added services

We have some value added services as well.

What we do

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cash pickup

Get cash from payout stations in minutes with Bank-Beating Rates and Low Cost Fee.

bank deposit

Send money straight to bank accounts with Bank-Beating Rates and Low Cost Fee.

We have come so far!


worldwide network


district  coverage


payout station

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